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Ok so i just looked at my last past (happy new year) and I’ve noticed that none of the pictures or videos have come through… I have no idea why :-/ but I’ll try to fix it asap :-) sorry guys!!

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Happy New Year!

Heyyyy First, i just wanna say happy new year everyone :-) hope you had a blast :-D i know i did :-P

So, for this New years, our family decided to spend it in London where we could watch the fireworks that go off every New Year along the river Thames. We got into town at around 8ish and the place was heaving already! There were people everywhere :O

We tried to find a spot but everywhere we went, it was unbelievably crowded but the atmosphere was amazing! There was music being blasted from huge speaker, there were people singing, whistling and blowing horns. People were dressed up too – i spotted a couple in pokemon onesies which i thought were very cool B-)

After a long walk, back and forth, we finally settled on watching the fireworks from the London eye. Mostly, we had to settle there since everywhere else had be closed off due to it being full. That was ok though because we got a decent spot, i reckon. Right by the London eye…

It kept charging colours, too which i thought was pretty awesome lol :-P

Plus we were right by this building (i don’t know what its called) that had these pretty cool light patterns shone on it :-D

However, although we had a good spot, the place was still heaving! Check out the crowd!

It was crazy! Everywhere we looked there were people, people and more people! :O there were helicopters buzzing above us all and the place was scattered with officers and crowd control… Some were even on horses!

I can’t say i’m surprised though… Many people were getting drunk and silly behaviour was only just beginning to happen.

We had to wait hours for the big Ben to toll 12am and it seemed to take forever… But the music kept us occupied :-)

^me and my little sister took pictures as we waited.

^as time dragged on, we were still waiting on big Ben to toll 12am…

At one point, just before the countdown, the BBC came along and filmed the crowd and all i could say was “one day, I’m gonna be a part if that crew and not the crowd.”

Then, finally it was here! The countdown and the crazy fireworks! (try to ignore mine and my sisters screams, it’s a little embarrassing :-$ )

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!


I know it doesn’t seem like much ti get so excited about but if you were there and you could feel that buzz, the insane energy in the atmosphere, i promise you’d have screamed too :-P

The area started to clear but there was still plenty of evidence left to say that the crowd had been there. I mean, look at the state of the streets afterwards! :O

The place was filthy!

Anyways, we were thru ushered to go one way because the bridge had been shut off due to a mysterious gas leak that was pretty dangerous considering the fireworks :-| so we ended up walking in a massive crowd to get to waterloo station. People were walking on the roads (no cars were allowed) and i couldn’t help but find it amusing how the traffic lights were still going :’)

The atmosphere was still pretty crazy though…

We arrived at waterloo station only to find it had been closed! My younger brother and sister were really tired so my older sister, my mum and my dad discussed and decided ti go back to the bridge. Unfortunately, when we got there it was still closed because of the gas leak. We were sent back and forth to different stations and bridges – we were walking for hours!

Finally, we made it to Victoria station and at around 3ish, we were finally on our way home :-) or rather, back to my aunts place since we don’t actually live in London :-P

On the tube, we were entertained quite well by some friendly people who also happened to be very drunk. They were poll dancing and young the splits and just all sorts on the train. They kept talking to us and wet just genuinely funny people :-) it was a good cheering up for us which we all definitely needed after walking round for hours in the rain, tired and cold and wet :-D

Finally off the tube at around 4ish and into a taxi, we were in the house by around 4:15 – 30am, I’d say. After sneaking around so we don’t wake anyone and jumping into bed, we were all fast asleep before 5am :-)

What a great night, definitely worth it :-D the only downside for me is how dirty my shoes got :-(

But overall, it was a fab way to and and start a year :-D

See ya!

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Missed Me?

Hey guys! :-D

I’ve not been on here for a while… My bad :-/ my laptop broke :-( it’s still getting fixed too arghh :'(

At the moment, I’m using a phone to blog… It’s kind of weird lol but I think I’ll start using this from now in :-D

Anyhooo I’m going to go now, I’m too tired to type anything more lol sorry :-/ well see you!!

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So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here so I decided to pop up again just to say hi :D

Honestly, I have next to nothing to say here so I thought I’d just ramble on a bit about my boring life because everyone wants to hear about my ever so interesting life(!)

(That was sarcasm, by the way, for those who are a little slow ;) )

Erm, so… I’m just sat here watching Eragon. I’ve read that book… In fact, I’ve read a lot of books :D I tend to prefer reading than watching TV, you know. Kind of strange considering what my ambition is lol but I don’t have the patience to write a story and I want to bring my imagination to life – through film, preferably. It’d be a dream come true. To watch my own personal fantasies become an almost reality would be pretty awesome :)

Da da da da-dum dum dumm… I suppose I should stop with this post, right? Nothing interesting being said here, just me trying to kill time. After all, my brain is a little fizzled. I’ve been searching for jobs all day and been completely unsuccessful :( I had a job before but it’s closed down so now I’m kind of jobless and bored 24/7. Jobs are hard to come by these days but I’m trying! God willing, my efforts will be rewarded :)

Not that many of you are interested anyway lol but still, I’m bored :P It’s a pretty dry post so to add to this, I think I’ll post a picture that always puts a smile to my face because it doesn’t half remind me of my cheeky little brother :’)


Goodbye for now! :D

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A Quote to Motivate.

“There are many people out there who will tell you that you can’t. What you’ve got to do is turn around and say, ‘watch me.'”

- Unknown.

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Nicki Minaj – Marilyn Monroe

So, I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned that Nicki Minaj is my favourite rapper (if I didn’t, now you know) and this song just made me fall in love with her on a whole new level. I’ve already told you how Marilyn Monroe is my idol and the fact that my favourite rapper had written a song about my idol really filled me with excitement. Downloading Nicki’s new album, Roman Reloaded, I saw this title and couldn’t wait to listen to it. (Yes, I am a saddo lol)

Then, I finally listened to it and – I admit it – I cried when I first heard it. Not because of the fact that it was my favourite rapper singing about the woman who I’m literally amazed by, but because everything she says in the lyrics are exactly what I’ve either said/thought/wondered/felt in the past and still feel now. It really touched me and I love that Nicki’s put everything I often say, think and feel into words since I’m actually not that articulate when it comes to matters of the heart.

I actually can’t express just how much I love this song – I listen to it non-stop for hours without getting bored once! It genuinely means a lot to me, as crazy as it may sound.

I wish I could direct the music video for this song :( that would be incredible :D

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“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.”

- Mark Twain

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